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Subject[ANNOUNCE] s390 31 bit kernel support removal
Hi all,

we plan to remove 31 bit kernel support of the s390 architecture in the
Linux kernel sources.

The reason for this is quite simple: the current 31 bit kernel was broken
for nearly a year before somebody noticed.

Keeping the 31 bit kernel support adds extra maintenance and development
effort which we do not want to spend anymore, especially since the effort
seems to be quite pointless, since nobody uses (and tests) the 31 bit

Please note, that we will not remove the 31 bit compatibility layer which
allows to run 31 bit applications with a 64 bit kernel. It is also
possible to run a complete 31 bit user space distribution with a 64 bit

After the removal of the 31 bit kernel support it is not possible to run
new Linux kernels on old 31 bit only machines. The only supported 31 bit
only machines were the G6 and Multiprise 3000 introduced in 1999. However
after nearly 15 years it seems reasonable to remove support for these old

We want to remove s390 31 bit kernel support with Linux kernel 3.16.


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