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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/3] MIPS executable stack protection
On 10/09/2014 02:42 PM, David Daney wrote:
> On 10/09/2014 01:00 PM, Leonid Yegoshin wrote:
>> The following series implements an executable stack protection in MIPS.
>> It sets up a per-thread 'VDSO' page and appropriate TLB support.
>> Page is set write-protected from user and is maintained via kernel VA.
>> MIPS FPU emulation is shifted to new page and stack is relieved for
>> execute protection as is as all data pages in default setup during ELF
>> binary initialization. The real protection is controlled by GLIBC and
>> it can do stack protected now as it is done in other architectures and
>> I learned today that GLIBC team is ready for this.
> What does it mean to be 'ready'? If they committed patches before
> there was kernel support, that it putting the cart before the horse.
> GlibC's state cannot be used as valid reason for committing major
> kernel changes. There would be no regression in any GLibC based
> system as a result of not merging this patch.
Rich Fuhler said me that they discussed it internally and have a
solution to fix their problem (ignoring PT_GNU_STACK on first library
load - they need to sort out the logic). But we need to split both issue
- right now stack can't be protected because of emulation. If they set
stack protected then emulation fails on CPU without FPU.

>> Note: actual execute-protection depends from HW capability, of course.
>> This patch is required for MIPS32/64 R2 emulation on MIPS R6
>> architecture.
>> Without it 'ssh-keygen' crashes pretty fast on attempt to execute
>> instruction
>> in stack.
> There is much more blocking MIPS32/64 R2 emulation on MIPS R6 than
> just this patch isn't there?

This one is critical - ssh-keygen crashes during running MIPS R2. I have
a patch in my R6 repository but GLIBC still can't set stack executable
and security suffers.

> Also, if you are supporting MIPS R6, this patch doesn't even work,
> because it doesn't handle PC relative instructions at all.

It seems like you missed my statement - adding support for PC-relative
instruction is just 5 lines of code. I just refrain from this until
toolchain starts generating that.

Besides that, this version 2 of patch just passed 20-22 hours on P5600
and Virtuoso (no FPU on both) under SOAK test and it gets around 1 per
hour of signal right at emulated instruction in VDSO and unwind works
(as I can see in debug prints).

> The recent discussions on this subject, including many comments from
> Imgtec e-mail addresses, brought to light the need to use an
> instruction set emulator for newer MIPSr6 ISA processors.

In Imgtec I am only one who works on MIPS R6 SW and FPU branch emulation
and I say you - it is not needed, this solution is enough.

> In light of this, why does it make sense to merge this patch, instead
> of taking the approach of emulating the instructions in the delay slot?

Well, because it does exist now. But full MIPS emulator... for all
ASEs... for any MIPS vendor... I even doesn't want to estimate an amount
of time and code size to develop it.

Besides that, you missed my another statement - we don't force customer
to disclose all details of their COP2 instructions.

- Leonid

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