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Subjectsuspend to partition Re: A desktop environment[1] kernel wishlist

> > > > For mobile
> > > > devices this is an expected design point, but for off-the-shelf
> > > > laptops with big fans and exhaust vents, I'm not sure how safe this
> > > > would be, so you may need to constrain this functionality somehow (or
> > > > look to see if a enforced low-power resume is possible).
> > >
> > > I think that we won't know whether it's a problem until the point that
> > > somebody actually implements it.
> >
> > Kernel does not stop you at this point, right?
> >
> > Suspend-to-partition is also doable today (see,
> Is it perfect? Because no releases in 3 years kind of scares me.

Yes, it is perfect :-).

[It is in use by SUSE, so it should be good; and if anything, it shows
that suspend-to-partition does not need kernel help.]

> > or you
> > can just swapon before starting. You can take it off the list, I
> > believe.
> Or we could create a new filesystem type that isn't swap, that isn't
> used by swap at all, but could be created by distributions' installers.
> Then I wouldn't need to hope that the swap didn't start being used in
> between me enabling it, and the suspend actually occurring (making it
> impossible to disable afterwards).

I see there's a race, but is it big enough to matter in practice? I
don't think so. Anyway -- is way to go for advanced
(cesky, pictures)

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