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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 0/5] Simplify hotplug/suspend handling
On 10/16/2014 01:53 AM, Viresh Kumar wrote:
> On 25 July 2014 06:37, Saravana Kannan <> wrote:
>> Series of patchs to simplify policy/sysfs/kobj/locking handling across
>> suspend/resume
>> The following have been tested so far on a 2x2 cluster environment:
>> - Boot with 2 cpus and no cpufreq driver.
>> - mod probe driver and see cpufreq sysfs files show up only for the 1st cluster.
>> - Online the rest of the 2 CPUs and have files show up correctly.
>> - rmmod the driver and see the files go away.
>> - modprobe again (or back and forth multiples times) and see it work.
>> - suspend/resume works as expected.
>> - When a cluster is offline, all read/writes to its sysfs files return an error
>> v4
>> - Split it up into smaller patches
>> - Will handle physical CPU removal correctly
>> - Fixed earlier mistake of deleting code under !recover_policy
>> - Dropped some code refactor that reuses a lot of code between add/remove
>> - Dropped fix for exiting hotplug race with cpufreq driver probe/rmmod
>> - Dropped changes will come later once this series is acked.
> Hi Saravana,
> Any updates on this? We might need some of this soon or should somebody
> else start working on this ?


Sorry for the delay. Got side tracked with some commercial stuff. I'm
still invested in finishing this up. I'll try to send out something
within a week.

I did notice (didn't read mych) the "Locking issues with cpufreq and
sysfs" thread. I think my patches should side step most of it.


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