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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 0/3] zram: add rw_page implementation for zram and clean up unnecessary parameter
Hey Karam,

You could keep Acked-by/Reviewed-by gotten from me and Jerome
in old versions if new version isn't changed heavily.
It's credit of them and at least, you should respect it. :)

Please Cc Andrew for zram patches because he merges the patche
into his tree (ie, mmotm).
Oops but -f drivers/block/zram doesn't say it. :(

Anyway, Thansk for nice work!

On Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 05:44:46PM +0900, wrote:
> From: "karam.lee" <>
> Recently rw_page block device operation has been added.
> This patchset implements rw_page operation for zram block device
> and does some clean-up.
> Patches 1~2 are for clean-up.
> Patch 3 is for implementation of rw_page operation.
> With the rw_page operation, zram can do I/O without allocating a BIO.
> It make zram can save time and memory.
> karam.lee (3):
> zram: remove bio parameter from zram_bvec_rw().
> zram: change parameter from vaild_io_request()
> zram: implement rw_page operation of zram

Acked-by: Minchan Kim <>

Kind regards,
Minchan Kim

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