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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC] platform: hp_accel: add a i8042 filter to remove accelerometer data
On 2014.10.22 17:19, Éric Piel wrote:
> On the HP laptop I had (with HPQ0004), no fake keys were reported.
I guess this is a new "feature", then.

> It should be noted that on my laptop, the accelerometer is completely
> decoupled from the hard disk. For example, when freefall is detected,
> nothing else happens (that's why you need to run a daemon that will
> listen to the event, and park the disk head). Looking at the bug report,
> it seems your laptop does a lot behind the OS, because apparently the
> disk head is parked automatically. So maybe the scancodes is a new

I'm sorry if I made the impression that it happens automatically but
actually I am running a daemon compiled from
Documentation/laptops/freefall.c. Nothing else is running on top of
linux to park the head when a free fall is detected.

> "feature" they have added in order to more easily report what's
> happening in the back.
> Now, more related to your proposed solution: is this really what we
> want? What's wrong with the current state excepted for some warning
> messages in dmesg? Do we really want to plain drop this information

Well, these are not just a few messages but a lot of them and they clog
the system log, makes it hard to notice the actual useful information,
wastes disk space, etc.

> provided by the hardware? How about just associating the scancodes to
> meaningful keycodes? (I guess one reason no to do that is that it'd
> likely require creating new keycodes corresponding to these pretty
> atypical events in the input layer).

The free fall detection is already handled by lis3lv02d and hp_accel on
hp laptops with this feature and information is provided through
/dev/freefall so, in my opinion, the way to go is to completely drop
these scancodes.

> Is there maybe some general policy about what do to hardware that
> generate such special scancodes?

Really not sure. BTW, I wonder if the same stuff happens on HPQ6007.

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