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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] audit: log join and part events to the read-only multicast log socket
On 14/10/21, Paul Moore wrote:
> On Tuesday, October 21, 2014 03:56:10 PM Steve Grubb wrote:
> > audit_log_task_info logs too much information for typical use. There are
> > times when you might want to know everything about what's connecting. But
> > in this case, we don't need anything about groups, saved uids, fsuid, or
> > ppid.
> >
> > Its a shame we don't have a audit_log_task_info_light function which only
> > records:
> >
> > pid= auid= uid= subj= comm= exe= ses= tty=
> This is getting back to my earlier concerns/questions about field ordering, or
> at the very least I'm going to hijack this conversation and steer it towards
> field ordering ;)

Well, I've already been pushing it that way because it interferes with
any sort of refactoring that needs to be done to simplify and clean up
the kernel log code.

> Before we go to much farther, I'd really like us to agree that ordering is not
> important, can we do that? As a follow up, what do we need to do to make that
> happen in the userspace tools?

At the very least, as I've suggested, agree on at least one more order,
a canonical one, that can provide a much more firm guide how to present
the keywords so that we're not stuck with an arbitrary order that turns
out not to make sense for some reason or another.

> paul moore


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