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Subjectusbutils 008 release
Here's the 008 release of usbutils.

It's been over a year since the 007 release, and a bunch of small
bugfixes have piled up, along with a much larger change of now using the
hwdb instead of the old usb.ids file (a patch which almost all distros
using systemd have been shipping for a while), so it's time for a new

The short changelog can be found below.

The package can be downladed from

The source tree for usbutils can be found on both and if you want to fork it and send us changes easier:


greg k-h


Alexandra Yates (2):
lsusb: Reports if USB2.0 port is on L1 state
lsusb: Reports devices that support BESL on USB2.0

Aurelien Jarno (1):
dump_ccid_device: fix a typo

Ben Chan (1):
lsusb: decode CDC MBIM extended functional descriptor

Greg Kroah-Hartman (10):
lsusb: fix incorrect printf() for CAPS
lsusb-t: handle problem if there is no usb bus list
.gitignore: add compile to the list of things we need to ignore
usbutils 008 release

John Freed (1):
Fix logic error

Kurt Garloff (1):
Update in usbutils

Lukas Nykryn (2):
update COPYING file
lsusb-t: don't segfault when usbbuslist is empty

Peter Wu (1):
Ignore invalid string descriptors

Raphaël Droz (1):
usb-devices: hexadecimal bInterfaceNumber handling

Tom Gundersen (2):
lsusb: port to hwdb
drop dependency on usb.ids

Vadim Rutkovsky (1):
New path for usbhid-dump submodule

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