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SubjectRe: state of the osdblk driver?
On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 03:47:36PM +0300, Boaz Harrosh wrote:
> It is used in testing, its a good way to compare ext4 over objects
> vs exofs over objects, kind of compare apples with apples.
> (Also at the get go it was a good test that found some bugs in the
> bring up of the osd target)
> If there is an old tagging API need removing its fine to just drop
> the support, and/or do the minimal change possible. What was the
> tag used for anyway?
> If it bothers you very much then please remove it, send a patch
> and I'll ACK it.

I'm mostly just trying to figure out if anyone cares. Would you be
willing to sign up as a maintainer, and maybe even look into a blk-mq
conversion? I'd be happy to help to answer questions and review it.

> [Just that I thought we don't do that. I can show you a dozen
> ISA scsi LLD controllers which are a complete pain in the neck
> with a all subsection core support. There is not a single system
> on the planet that has this even possible, yet we do not remove
> them nor the ISA bus crap. osdblk at least is a SW only exercise
> that can be very much valid in any system.
> ]

Not sure what exactly you mean, but I'm open to any serious proposal to
get rid of not actually usable cruft in old SCSI HBA drivers. Feel
free to send a proposal to linux-scsi - I was planning to come up with
one of my own, but never got to it.

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