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SubjectRe: pull request: wireless-next 2014-10-09
From: "John W. Linville" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2014 11:44:02 -0400

> Please pull this batch of fixes intended for the 3.18 stream!
> Andrea Merello makes rtl818x_pci use a more reasonable transmission
> rate for HW generated frames.
> Fabian Frederick tweaks some kernel-doc bits to avoid warnings.
> Larry Finger corrects a possible unaligned access in the rtlwifi code.
> Marek Puzyniak avoids a kernel panic in ath9k_hw_reset.
> Sujith Manoharan goes for the hat trick -- he fixes a smatch warning
> in the shared ath code, he fixes a crash in ath9k, and he corrects
> a sequence number assignment problem in ath9k too.
> For ease of merging, I pulled the last bits of the wireless tree as well...
> Please let me know if there are problems!

Pulled, thank you John.

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