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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/5] ARM: trusted_foundations: implement do_idle()
On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 5:43 AM, Stephen Warren <> wrote:
> On 01/21/2014 03:10 AM, Alexandre Courbot wrote:
>> Support the do_idle() firmware call, which is necessary to properly
>> support cpuidle.
>> diff --git a/arch/arm/firmware/trusted_foundations.c b/arch/arm/firmware/trusted_foundations.c
>> +#define TF_CPU_PM 0xfffffffc
>> +#define TF_CPU_PM_LP0 0xffffffe3
>> +#define TF_CPU_PM_LP1 0xffffffe6
>> +#define TF_CPU_PM_LP1_NO_MC_CLK 0xffffffe5
>> +#define TF_CPU_PM_LP2 0xffffffe4
>> +#define TF_CPU_PM_LP2_NOFLUSH_L2 0xffffffe7
> Hmm. This must be Tegra-specific, not generic to any TF client, since
> aren't the names of the suspend states (LP0, LP1, LP2) entirely specific
> to Tegra?

The names are negligence on my part, actually. I arbitrarily named
them that way without thinking this was Tegra-only denomination. The
downstream kernel does not even use these, they hardcode the values
directly. Will fix that, thanks for spotting it.

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