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SubjectRe: [PATCH-v2 11/17] target/iblock: Add blk_integrity + BIP passthrough support
On 1/22/2014 3:52 AM, Martin K. Petersen wrote:
>>>>>> "Sagi" == Sagi Grimberg <> writes:
> Sagi> Please remind me why we ignore IP-CSUM guard type again? MKP,
> Sagi> will this be irrelevant for the initiator as well? if so, I don't
> Sagi> see a reason to expose this in RDMA verbs.
> I don't see much use for IP checksum for the target. You are required by
> SBC to use T10 CRC on the wire so there is no point in converting to IP
> checksum in the backend.
> My impending patches will allow you to pass through PI with T10 CRC to a
> device with an IP checksum block integrity profile (i.e. the choice of
> checksum is a per-bio bip flag instead of an HBA-enforced global).

OK, so IP checksum support still makes sense.



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