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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/4] X86/KVM: enable Intel MPX for KVM
Il 21/01/2014 16:25, Liu, Jinsong ha scritto:
> Hmm? I remember I have sent out the rebased patches v3 last month
> If you didn't receive them I'm OK to rebase and resend them. BTW, what's
> the review remarks? I remember you commented that the patches are fine.
> Any misunderstanding please point out to me.

You sent v3 of QEMU, but not of KVM. I don't see any mail from you
after December 12th on

I can see my comment that the patches were fine (apart from needing a
rebase), but the threading was wrong and I cannot find anymore _which_
patches they were. I did find a comment that BNDCFGS must be added to
msrs_to_save, but I don't know if that was v1 or v2 because you didn't
add the version number when sending v2.


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