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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: Fix booting with DEBUG_PAGE_ALLOC with more than 512G RAM
On 08/12/2013 04:43 PM, Yinghai Lu wrote:
>> > commit 8170e6bed465b4b0c7687f93e9948aca4358a33b
>> > Author: H. Peter Anvin <>
>> > Date: Thu Jan 24 12:19:52 2013 -0800
>> >
>> > x86, 64bit: Use a #PF handler to materialize early mappings on demand
> Before that, we have maping from [0,512M) in head_64.S, and we can
> spare two pages [0-1M). After that change, we can not reuse pages anymore.
> When we have more than 512M ram, we need extra page for pgd page with
> [512G, 1024g).
> Increase pages in BRK for page table to solve the booting problem.

So how much does this get us up to? 1TB? That's actually _fairly_
small today. I've got a fairly old machine with that much in it, and
it's only half full of DIMMs.

It's also a bit worrying that this is completely disconnected from the
other code in the kernel that is concerned with the amount of total
address space in the system: MAX_PHYSADDR_BITS.

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