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SubjectRe: [PATCH] smp.c: Quit unconditionally enabling irqs in on_each_cpu_mask().
On Fri, 9 Aug 2013 12:24:56 -0700 David Daney <> wrote:

> > otherwise the bugs
> > stemming from incorrect use can be tricky to catch.
> >
> ... all my patch does is allow on_each_cpu_mask() to be called with IRQs
> disabled if we are in Early Boot. This is already the case with
> smp_call_function(), smp_call_function_many() and on_each_cpu(). I am
> arguing that for the sake of consistency and the principle that function
> behavior shouldn't be surprising, that we make on_each_cpu_mask() work
> the same way.

Yup, the check in smp_call_function_many() will tell us if anyone calls
on_each_cpu_mask() with interrupts disabled any time after boot.

The whole early_boot_irqs_disabled thing is of course totally vile :(

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