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SubjectRe: Reading perf counters at ftrace trace boundaries

On 13-08-11 11:24 PM, zhangwei(Jovi) wrote:
> If you want to base on ftrace, below two approach maybe take into use:
> - register_ftrace_function/unregister_ftrace_function
> - perf_event_create_kernel_counter (function event id is 1)
> the first one is simplest, IMO.

Thx for the pointers.

> You need to write your own kernel module to use these approach.

As a proof-of-concept, sure. For something more permanent it would make
more sense to adapt the various perf/ftrace tools to make this available
on the command line with other options. But we're far away from that for
the moment.

Karim Yaghmour
CEO - Opersys inc. /

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