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SubjectRe: Non-enumerable devices on USB and other enumerable buses
On Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 11:08:37PM +0100, Grant Likely wrote:

> full enumerating like that with either ACPI or FDT, but we could allow
> for sparse population of devices when something is fixed like a
> soldered down USB hub or USB Ethernet MAC.

I agree, there's no point in listing things that can be done
automatically - it's just introducing potential for error.

> To make it work would probably require a hook in the USB enumeration
> path to look for matching nodes in DT/ACPI and attach it to the struct
> device.

Yes, that was where I was heading too. Have a mechanism for matching up
hotplugged devices with pre-registered ones which appear from firmware
or wherever if their IDs match. It'd need some mechanism for drivers to
opt into being bound to devices that aren't physically there I think so
that normal drivers for enumerated devices don't get confused.
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