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Subject[ARM ATTEND] catching up on exploit mitigations
I'd like to propose the topic of catching up to x86 exploit
mitigations and security features, and potentially identifying
ARM-unique mitigations/features that could be implemented. Several
years ago, with Nicolas Pitre doing all the real work, I coordinated
getting ARM caught up on things like userspace ASLR and
stack-protector. Recently, based on work by Will Drewry, I ported
seccomp-bpf to ARM. I'd like to continue this kind of thing, and I
think it's overdue to examine this area again. A lot of work has
already been done by grsecurity in this area (see, so it would be
good to start there.

While it may expose my current ignorance of low level ARM mechanics,
I'd like to examine and discuss:

- RO and W^X kernel page table protections (similar to x86's
DEBUG_RODATA and DEBUG_SET_MODULE_RONX; it's not clear to me how much
LPAE and PXN is already handling this, if at all)

- something like x86's SMEP and SMAP (to deter kernel exploitation
from userspace)

- vector table protections (needs to be protected like the x86_64
vsyscall table, RO, etc)

- kernel ASLR (I'm close to having this upstreamable for x86)

- fuzzing (is anyone running trinity or similar on the ARM tree?)

- any other things ... ?



Kees Cook
Chrome OS Security

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