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SubjectRe: call_usermodehelper() returns -513 when ocfs2 umounting filesystems
On 2013/7/30 16:51, Xue jiufei wrote:
> On 2013/7/30 15:30, Xue jiufei wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We have encountered an error when umounting ocfs2 filesystems.
>> Function ocfs2_leave_group() calls call_usermodehelper() to stop
>> heartbeat thread, but it returns -513(ERESTARTNOINTR) in one test.
>> And after that error, every times umounting the filesystem, it
>> returns the same error.
>> And at the same time, there's another kworker thread which is
>> sending messages to other nodes always return return errno
>> -512(ERESTARTSYS). So I think these two threads may have
>> pending signals remain.
>> This error can not reproduced any longer. Has any ideas?

You should have made the question more clear, and that is:

How is it possible that a workqueue kernel thread has pending signals?

>> The log is as follows:
>> [58463.684504] (kworker/u:1,17332,0):o2net_send_tcp_msg:1332 ERROR: sendmsg returned -512 instead of 104
>> [58915.213299] ocfs2: Error -513 running user helper "/usr/sbin/ocfs2_hb_ctl -K -u A5FD0ED8733D4F9C98D23B326AD7DE10"
>> [59406.443615] ocfs2: Error -513 running user helper "/usr/sbin/ocfs2_hb_ctl -K -u A5FD0ED8733D4F9C98D23B326AD7DE10"

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