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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 5/8] cpufreq:boost:Kconfig: Provide support for software managed BOOST
On 26 July 2013 16:51, Lukasz Majewski <> wrote:
> On Fri, 26 Jul 2013 15:54:56 +0530 Viresh Kumar wrote,
>> On 25 July 2013 22:03, Lukasz Majewski <> wrote:

>> > +config CPU_FREQ_BOOST_SW
>> > + bool
>> Invisible is fine but this must be disabled by default and must
>> depend on thermal, rather than moving dependency on platform's
>> config.
> The CPU_FREQ_BOOST_SW [1] is a generic flag (invisible).
> I will add "default n" to it.

Leave it.. We don't need it now.. that's how these kind of config options
are defined as they are disabled by default.

> Depending only on [3], results at situation where SW BOOST can be
> enabled at x86 or ARM target with only generic THERMAL support (which
> doesn't protect from overheating).

I had a similar concern.. Currently also we aren't stopping anybody to
enable boost. By selecting thermal from CPU_FREQ_BOOST_SW, atleast
we are communicating this very well to developers that they need
something else as well. And currently we only have thermal as a source
for telling when to block boost but it can be something else too..

I never said, don't use EXYNOS_THERMAL, its good to have a
dependency on it in the Exynos specific config for boost, but I wanted
normal sw boost also to depend on thermal..

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