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SubjectRe: [patch] mm, memcg: add oom killer delay
On Sat 01-06-13 02:11:51, Johannes Weiner wrote:
> I'm currently messing around with the below patch. When a task faults
> and charges under OOM, the memcg is remembered in the task struct and
> then made to sleep on the memcg's OOM waitqueue only after unwinding
> the page fault stack. With the kernel OOM killer disabled, all tasks
> in the OOMing group sit nicely in
> mem_cgroup_oom_synchronize
> pagefault_out_of_memory
> mm_fault_error
> __do_page_fault
> page_fault
> 0xffffffffffffffff
> regardless of whether they were faulting anon or file. They do not
> even hold the mmap_sem anymore at this point.
> [ I kept syscalls really simple for now and just have them return
> -ENOMEM, never trap them at all (just like the global OOM case).
> It would be more work to have them wait from a flatter stack too,
> but it should be doable if necessary. ]
> I suggested this at the MM summit and people were essentially asking
> if I was feeling well, so maybe I'm still missing a gaping hole in
> this idea.

I didn't get to look at the patch (will do on Monday) but it doesn't
sounds entirely crazy. Well, we would have to drop mmap_sem so things
have to be rechecked but we are doing that already with VM_FAULT_RETRY
in some archs so it should work.

> Patch only works on x86 as of now, on other architectures memcg OOM
> will invoke the global OOM killer.
Michal Hocko

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