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SubjectRe: RFC: allow empty symlink targets

> > Following up from
> > It seems POSIX will now allow the current Linux behavior of returning ENOENT,
> Huh? Linux currently doesn't allow the creation of an empty symlink.
> That link mentions the current BSD behavior of returning ENOENT when
> resolving such a symlink (that is, what stat() does when chasing through
> an empty symlink, provided such a symlink is first created).
> > or the Solaris behavior of allowing empty symlink targets.
> The point made in that bug report is that Linux is buggy for not
> allowing symlink() to create an empty symlink in the first place; once
> you allow the creation of an empty symlink, then how to handle such a
> symlink in stat() is up to you whether to copy Solaris' or BSD's example.

What happens when Linux tries to follow symlink created by
BSD/Solaris? I'm sure BSDs can write ext2 and we can read some BSD

(cesky, pictures)

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