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SubjectRe: Would like to form a pool of Linux copyright holders for faster GPL enforcement against Anthrax Kernels
On Sat, 18 May 2013 03:24:31 -0400
Eric Appleman <> wrote:

> Would anyone be interested in forming such a pool? I am willing to
> wait years for this to be resolved through certain organizations, but
> I believe we can do better.
yes, unfortunately I've only non-crucial code in mainline:
The drivers and hardware touched by my code are obsolete and will
probably not be used in newer products.

I've also some code not mentioned in the link above that made it into
mainline that I did for work. Since I don't own the copyright of it (my
employer does), it's not covered by this agreement.

> Last I checked, I have 1 long-time poster of this list on board.
> Would anyone else like to join?
yes, as long as it doesn't require spending too much time on it.

> Ideally I'd like to get the LKML
> (which I have CC'd) involved so that authors of critical Linux
> components be a part of this. I'm not sure if my defconfig commits to
> Android kernel branches count as contributions, so I'm not going to
> consider myself a Linux contributor unless told otherwise.
> This pool would be used in the following manner:
> * Formally requesting source for binaries (means to request source
> * Formally requesting removal of critical copyrighted code that Linux
> cannot function without
I've no crucial code in mainline unfortunately.
> * Informing interested parties with respect to refusals of the above
> The CTO of Anthrax's hosting server is very interested in terminating
> Chad Goodman's account. Bullet point #3 might come into effect here.
> If this is a bad idea, uses incorrect logic, or does not follow the
> conventions of GPL enforcement, feel free to shoot this idea down
> with utmost prejudice.
Seem good.


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