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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] 6lowpan: Fix fragmentation with link-local compressed addresses
Hi David,

can you use a link-layer address on the current net-next kernel?

I am asking because I can't use a link-layer address currently.
Your patch doesn't help to solve my problem with link-layer addresses.

To your patch:

We get the link-layer addresses from skb not from the allocated

Here is the code:

_saddr = mac_cb(skb)->sa.hwaddr;
_daddr = mac_cb(skb)->da.hwaddr;

Here is skb != frame->skb so we don't need to copy it to frame->skb->cb
because we already the link-layer addresses from skb->cb.

Is there another place in the code where we get the link-layer addresses
from allocated "frame" structure?


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