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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] net: Fix a typo in comment in ip_tunnels.h

> Patch looks okay.
> Perhaps in future is suitable better for such fixes.

Thanks for the hint for

>> I am new around and decided to start with something simple to test the process.
>> The fix applies both to net and net-next.
> Good. May be you are also interesting to run / contribute to the
> codespell tool [1].

No, I am more interested in playing with code rather than running
spellchecker over source comments :)

I stumbled upon this one while converting some tunnel related patches
for 3.2.x to net-next and used the opportunity for test. Just now
writing a RFC email because I think that my changes require
discussion/approval prior to submitting patches. And not to leave you
curious what I am working on -

With best regards,

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