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SubjectRe: LOCKDEP: 3.9-rc1: mount.nfs/4272 still has locks held!
On 03/05, Tejun Heo wrote:
> Oleg, are you still opposed to the idea of making freezer share trap
> points with ptrace?

My memory can fool me, but iirc I wasn't actually opposed... I guess
you mean the previous discussion about vfork/ptrace/etc which I forgot

But I can recall the main problem with your idea (with me): I simply
wasn't able to understand it ;)

Likewise, I can't really understand the ideas discussed in this thread.
At least when it come to this particular problem, rpc_wait_bit_killable()
is not interruptible...

And how SIGFREEZE can help? If we want to interrupt the sleeps in NFS/RPC
layer we can simply add TASK_WAKEFREEZE (can be used with TASK_KILLABLE)
and change freeze_task() to do signal_wake_up_state(TASK_WAKEFREEZE).

But if we can do this, then it should be possible so simply make these
sleeps TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE ? But it seems that we can't just because we
can't always restart, so I am totally confused.


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