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SubjectINFO: trying to register non-static key.

after upgrading from 3.8.0-rc7 to 3.9.0-rc1, the following message appears
after booting and after dm-crypt (LUKS) partitions are mounted and
exported via NFS:

INFO: trying to register non-static key.
the code is fine but needs lockdep annotation.
turning off the locking correctness validator.
Call Trace:
[eecc3bd0] [c0008e98] show_stack+0x48/0x15c (unreliable)
[eecc3c10] [c0071464] __lock_acquire+0x1734/0x18f4
[eecc3cb0] [c0071a88] lock_acquire+0x50/0x6c
[eecc3cd0] [c004aee8] flush_work+0x3c/0x26c
[eecc3d40] [c004d318] __cancel_work_timer+0x98/0xf0
[eecc3d70] [c04ecebc] xs_destroy+0x1c/0x78
[eecc3d90] [c04ea2e4] xprt_destroy+0x60/0x74
[eecc3da0] [c04e95d8] rpc_free_client+0x138/0x158
[eecc3dc0] [c04e96b8] rpc_shutdown_client+0xc0/0xd4
[eecc3e10] [c04f9834] rpcb_put_local+0x118/0x148
[eecc3e30] [c04f39f0] svc_rpcb_cleanup+0x20/0x34
[eecc3e40] [c017bfcc] nfsd_last_thread+0xf0/0x108
[eecc3e60] [c04f3608] svc_shutdown_net+0x38/0x4c
[eecc3e70] [c017c788] nfsd_destroy+0xe8/0x10c
[eecc3e90] [c017c8a4] nfsd+0xf8/0x11c
[eecc3eb0] [c0052298] kthread+0xa8/0xac
[eecc3f40] [c00107d0] ret_from_kernel_thread+0x64/0x6c

This has been reported in January[0] and a bad commit has been singled

> commit ec8acf20afb8534ed511f6613dd2226b9e301010
> Author: Shaohua Li <>
> Date: Fri Feb 22 16:34:38 2013 -0800
> swap: add per-partition lock for swapfile

However, git-revert'ing this commit did not help in my case (powerpc32,
uni processor). Please find full dmesg & .config here:


BOFH excuse #63:

not properly grounded, please bury computer

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