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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/7] ksm: treat unstable nid like in stable tree
Hi Hugh,
On 03/02/2013 10:57 AM, Hugh Dickins wrote:

How ksm treat a ksm forked page? IIUC, it's not merged in ksm stable
tree. It will just be ignore?

> On Sat, 2 Mar 2013, Ric Mason wrote:
>> On 03/02/2013 04:03 AM, Hugh Dickins wrote:
>>> On Fri, 1 Mar 2013, Ric Mason wrote:
>>>> I think the ksm implementation for num awareness is buggy.
>>> Sorry, I just don't understand your comments below,
>>> but will try to answer or question them as best I can.
>>>> For page migratyion stuff, new page is allocated from node *which page is
>>>> migrated to*.
>>> Yes, by definition.
>>>> - when meeting a page from the wrong NUMA node in an unstable tree
>>>> get_kpfn_nid(page_to_pfn(page)) *==* page_to_nid(tree_page)
>>> I thought you were writing of the wrong NUMA node case,
>>> but now you emphasize "*==*", which means the right NUMA node.
>> Yes, I mean the wrong NUMA node. During page migration, new page has already
>> been allocated in new node and old page maybe freed. So tree_page is the
>> page in new node's unstable tree, page is also new node page, so
>> get_kpfn_nid(page_to_pfn(page)) *==* page_to_nid(tree_page).
> I don't understand; but here you seem to be describing a case where two
> pages from the same NUMA node get merged (after both have been migrated
> from another NUMA node?), and there's nothing wrong with that,
> so I won't worry about it further.
>>>> - meeting a page which is ksm page before migration
>>>> get_kpfn_nid(stable_node->kpfn) != NUMA(stable_node->nid) can't
>>>> capture
>>>> them since stable_node is for tree page in current stable tree. They are
>>>> always equal.
>>> When we meet a ksm page in the stable tree before it's migrated to another
>>> NUMA node, yes, it will be on the right NUMA node (because we were careful
>>> only to merge pages from the right NUMA node there), and that test will not
>>> capture them. It's for capturng a ksm page in the stable tree after it has
>>> been migrated to another NUMA node.
>> ksm page migrated to another NUMA node still not freed, why? Who take page
>> count of it?
> The old page, the one which used to be a ksm page on the old NUMA node,
> should be freed very soon: since it was isolated from lru, and its page
> count checked, I cannot think of anything to hold a reference to it,
> apart from migration itself - so it just needs to reach putback_lru_page(),
> and then may rest awhile on __lru_cache_add()'s pagevec before being freed.
> But I don't see where I said the old page was still not freed.
>> If not freed, since new page is allocated in new node, it is
>> the copy of current ksm page, so current ksm doesn't change,
>> get_kpfn_nid(stable_node->kpfn) *==* NUMA(stable_node->nid).
> But ksm_migrate_page() did
> VM_BUG_ON(stable_node->kpfn != page_to_pfn(oldpage));
> stable_node->kpfn = page_to_pfn(newpage);
> without changing stable_node->nid.
> Hugh
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