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SubjectRe: [PATCH linux-next] cpufreq: conservative: Fix sampling_down_factor functionality
On 5 March 2013 13:22, Stratos Karafotis <> wrote:
> I had the same thoughts, but I saw the comments in the code:
> /*
> * Every sampling_rate, we check, if current idle time is less than 20%
> * (default), then we try to increase frequency Every sampling_rate *
> * sampling_down_factor, we check, if current idle time is more than 80%, then
> * we try to decrease frequency

I misread it here when i looked at this mail for the first time. :)
I strongly believe that we need a full stop (.) before "Every sampling_rate",
otherwise it looks like we check for down_factor while increasing freq :)

> *
> Also checking the code before the commit 8e677ce83bf41ba9c74e5b6d9ee60b07d4e5ed93 you may see that sampling down factor works in this way.
> So, I decided to keep the original functionality (also down_skip was already there unused).

I got that comment but i belive the code was never according to that comment
and not even now. Check the initial patch for conservative governor:

Even now we aren't checking this 80% thing, right? And so in your patch we can
actually fix the patch too with the right logic of code.. And
documentation too :)

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