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SubjectRe: [REPOST PATCH 0/2] Table lookup for mux clock type
On 02/22/2013 08:02 AM, Peter De Schrijver wrote:
> This patchset adds a table lookup feature to the mux clock type. This will
> be used by the forthcoming Tegra114 clock implementation. Also instead of
> a fixed field width, a mask is used. This is because Tegra114 has some muxes
> where the parent selector is spread over several bitfields. The second patch
> adapts the tegra periph clock implementation which uses struct clk_mux
> directly.
> --
> Mike,
> This patch is a dependency for the Tegra114 CCF implementation. Could you
> review it and merge on a topic branch so Stephen can pull it in to verify
> the integration?

Peter, does this repost you resolve the issue I pointed out at:

To quote:

>>> Just a quick note on patch dependencies here:
>>> Patch 1/2 can presumably be taken through the clk tree whenever Mike is
>>> OK with it.
>>> Patch 2/2 depends on patches in the Tegra tree for 3.9. Since patch 2/2
>>> is useful mostly for the Tegra114 clock driver, and I don't imagine that
>>> will get posted/merged in time for 3.9, it's probably easiest to just
>>> take patch 2/2 for 3.10 along with the Tegra114 clock driver. Also, I
>>> imagine there won't be any more clk/Tegra tree dependencies in 3.10, so
>>> patch 2/2 and the Tegra114 clk driver patches can likely go through the
>>> clk tree itself for 3.10.
>> No. Because 1/2 changes struct clk_mux and the tegra peripheral clock type
>> uses struct clk_mux directly, 2/2 needs to be applied together with 1/2, even
>> if the new functionality is not yet used.
> Oh, then they can't be two separate patches then, or "git bisect" won't
> work. I guess it's best to wait for 3.10 for this:-(

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