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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] tmpfs: fix mempolicy object leaks
On Mon, 4 Mar 2013, Will Huck wrote:
> Could you explain me why shmem has more relationship with mempolicy? It seems
> that there are many codes in shmem handle mempolicy, but other components in
> mm subsystem just have little.

NUMA mempolicy is mostly handled in mm/mempolicy.c, which services the
mbind, migrate_pages, set_mempolicy, get_mempolicy system calls: which
govern how process memory is distributed across NUMA nodes.

mm/shmem.c is affected because it was also found useful to specify
mempolicy on the shared memory objects which may back process memory:
that includes SysV SHM and POSIX shared memory and tmpfs. mm/hugetlb.c
contains some mempolicy handling for hugetlbfs; fs/ramfs is kept minimal,
so nothing in there.

Those are the memory-based filesystems, where NUMA mempolicy is most
natural. The regular filesystems could support shared mempolicy too,
but that would raise more awkward design questions.


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