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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v2 0/4] Add support for S3 non-stop TSC support.
Hi Jason,

Thanks for the review and suggestions!

On Mon, Mar 04, 2013 at 08:20:36PM -0700, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 05, 2013 at 02:34:25AM +0000, Tang, Feng wrote:
> > Hi Jason,
> >
> > Sorry, I forgot to add you in cc list in the first place. Please
> > help to review the patch series, thanks!
> Sure, I didn't get CC'd on the patches, so this is an imperfect reply,
> but..

I've copied your comments back to the main thread.

> Did you consider an approach closer to the function I outlined to
> Jonh:
> // Drops some small precision along the way but is simple..
> static inline u64 cyclecounter_cyc2ns_128(const struct cyclecounter *cc,
> cycle_t cycles)
> {
> u64 max = U64_MAX/cc->mult;
> u64 num = cycles/max;
> u64 result = num * ((max * cc->mult) >> cc->shift);
> return result + cyclecounter_cyc2ns(cc, cycles - num*cc->mult);
> }

Your way is surely more accurate, if maintainers are ok with adding
the new API, I will use it.

> Rather than the while loop, which, I suspect, drops more precision
> that something like the above. (replace cyclecounter with clocksource)
> At the very least, keeping it as a distinct inline will let someone
> come by one day and implement a proper 128 bit multiply...

> You may want to also CC the maintainers of all the ARM subsystems that
> use read_persistent_clock and check with them to ensure this new
> interface will let them migrate their implementations as well.

Maybe I didn't get it well, my patches didn't change the read_persistent_clock(),
but inject a new way of counting suspended time. It should have no
functional changes to existing platforms.

> > * Solve the problem of judging S3/S4, as the clocksource
> > counter will be reset after coming out S4.
> Hrm, what if it wraps during suspend? This probably isn't a problem
> for a 64 bit TSC though..

Nice catch! I've added a wrap check in the patch, and will stop to use it
if there is a wrap founded.

+ if ((clock->flags & CLOCK_SOURCE_SUSPEND_NOTSTOP) &&
+ cycle_now > clock->cycle_last) {

> Is it impossible to track if S4 or S3 was entered in the clocksource?

Currently there is no easy way to check it.


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