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SubjectRe: [PATCH] USB: storage: fix Huawei mode switching regression
Frankly, I consider it appropriate.

The question is not one of reminding me of what I said earlier....
it's one of pointing people in the right direction. Frankly, some of
the fault for this patch lies with Greg and myself for letting it
through. I had just assumed that the Huawei guys had already been in
touch with usb-modeswitch for some reason, and that this was just an
optimization of existing logic (not an expansion). And, frankly, I
was just a bit tired of fighting this fight over and over again;
having something in the file which says "here's the right and official
way to do this" would be good.

I also asked the Huawei guys about the possibility of affecting other
devices than the one listed.... I guess one of us either wasn't clear
or mis-understood the request. The fact that there are devices out
there failing now illustrates that. Avoiding breaking existing
systems is one of the highest priorities....

Who is maintaining usb-modeswitch these days, anyway? The comment in
the file should point people directly there....

And, as of now, I would really like to see as many of these devices
migrated (albeit slowly) to using usb-modeswitch wherever possible. I
know there are a few devices for which that might not be possible, but
I am DONE dealing with this same issue over and over and over again.
It will certainly be work to migrate support; maybe we should wrap all
the relevant unusual_devs.h entires with
transition period?


On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 8:47 AM, Bjørn Mork <> wrote:
> Ben Hutchings <> writes:
>> On Mon, 2013-03-04 at 14:19 +0100, Bjørn Mork wrote:
>> [...]
>>> In-kernel mode switching was deprecated years ago with the
>>> development of the more user friendly userspace alternatives. The
>>> existing list of devices in usb-storage was only kept to prevent
>>> breaking already working systems. The long term plan is to remove
>>> the list, not to add to it. Ref:
>> [...]
>> Can you add a comment to this effect?
> In the table in unusual_devs.h, you mean? Sure, I can do that.
> But it feels a bit strange since I can only quote and/or refer to what
> Matthew and Greg said about the issue years ago. Putting a comment in
> the code to remind the current maintainers about their own statements
> could be considered out of line? Or is this appropriate here?
> Bjørn

Matthew Dharm
Maintainer, USB Mass Storage driver for Linux
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