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SubjectRe: [PATCH resend v3 1/3] kconfig: nconf: rewrite help texts
Roland, All,

I've taken that in my branch now.
I will push later with a few fixes (see below).

On Friday 01 February 2013 Roland Eggner wrote:
> diff --git a/scripts/kconfig/nconf.c b/scripts/kconfig/nconf.c
> --- a/scripts/kconfig/nconf.c
> +++ b/scripts/kconfig/nconf.c
> +"o Global help: Unless in a data entry window, key <F1> will give you\n"

... pressing <F1> ...

> +"o A short version of the global help is available by key <F3>.\n"

... by pressing <F3>

> +"o Local help: To get help related to the current menu entry, use any\n"
> +" of <?> <h> keys, or if in a data entry window then use <F1> key.\n"

s/ keys//; s/use <F1> key/press <F1>/;

> +"<n> to remove it. You may press the <Space> key to cycle through the\n"

... press <Space> to cycle ...

> +"Unless in a data entry window, key <1> may be used instead of <F1>,\n"

s/key //;

> +"Enter the requested information and press <Enter>. Hexadecimal values\n"
> +"may be entered without \"0x\" prefix.\n"

... without the \"0x\" prefix ...

> +"Text Box (Help Window)\n"
> +"----------------------\n"
> +"Use movement keys <Down> <Up> <PageDown> <PageUp> <End> <Home> as listed in\n"
> +"table above.\n"

... keys [elided] as listed ...

> +"Alternate configuration files\n"
> +"-----------------------------\n"
> +"nconfig supports switching between different configurations.\n"
> +"Use <F6> to save your current configuration. Use <F7> and enter a\n"

Press <F6> ...
Press <F7> ...

> menu_no_f_instructions[] = N_(
> +"Legend: [*] built-in [ ] excluded <M> module < > module capable.\n"
> +"Submenus are designated by a trailing \"--->\".\n"
> +"\n"
> +"Use the following keys to navigate the menus:\n"
> +"Move up or down by any of <Up> <Down> keys.\n"

... with <Up> or <Down>.

> +"To enter a submenu use any of <Enter> <Right> keys.\n"
> +"To go back to the parent menu use any of <Esc> <Left> keys.\n"

Enter a submenu with <Enter> or <Right>.
Exit a submenu to its parent menu with <Esc> or <Left>.

> +"Pressing <y> includes, <n> excludes, <m> modularizes features.\n"
> +"Pressing <Space> cycles through the available options.\n"
> +"To search for menu entries use key </>.\n"

... press </>.

> +"<Esc> always leaves the current window.\n"
> +"\n"
> +"You do not have function keys support.\n"
> +"Use key <1> instead of <F1>, <2> instead of <F2>, etc.\n"
> +"For verbose global help use key <1>.\n"

... press <1>.

> +"For help related to the current menu entry use any of <?> <h> keys.\n"),

... press <?> or <h>.

And so on in the following...

> setmod_text[] = N_(
> -"This feature depends on another which\n"
> -"has been configured as a module.\n"
> -"As a result, this feature will be built as a module."),
> +"This feature depends on another feature which has been configured as a\n"
> +"module. As a result, the current feature will be built as a module too."),
> load_config_text[] = N_(
> "Enter the name of the configuration file you wish to load.\n"
> -"Accept the name shown to restore the configuration you\n"
> -"last retrieved. Leave blank to abort."),
> +"Accept the name shown to restore the configuration you retrieved\n"
> +"last. Leave empty to abort."),

"the configuration you last retrieved" is prefectly correct English (at
least UK english ;-) ), and the meaning is (very) slightly different.
In this case, I think it's more sensible to keep the original wording.
But English is not my primary language, so feel free to correct me...

> load_config_help[] = N_(
> -"\n"
> "For various reasons, one may wish to keep several different\n"
> "configurations available on a single machine.\n"
> "\n"
> "If you have saved a previous configuration in a file other than the\n"
> -"default one, entering its name here will allow you to modify that\n"
> -"configuration.\n"
> +"default one, entering its name here will allow you to load and modify\n"
> +"that configuration.\n"
> "\n"
> -"If you are uncertain, then you have probably never used alternate\n"
> -"configuration files. You should therefor leave this blank to abort.\n"),
> +"Leave empty to abort.\n"),
> save_config_text[] = N_(
> "Enter a filename to which this configuration should be saved\n"
> -"as an alternate. Leave blank to abort."),
> +"as an alternate. Leave empty to abort."),
> save_config_help[] = N_(
> -"\n"
> -"For various reasons, one may wish to keep different configurations\n"
> -"available on a single machine.\n"
> +"For various reasons, one may wish to keep several different\n"
> +"configurations available on a single machine.\n"
> "\n"
> "Entering a file name here will allow you to later retrieve, modify\n"
> "and use the current configuration as an alternate to whatever\n"
> "configuration options you have selected at that time.\n"
> "\n"
> -"If you are uncertain what all this means then you should probably\n"
> -"leave this blank.\n"),
> +"Leave empty to abort.\n"),
> search_help[] = N_(
> -"\n"
> -"Search for symbols and display their relations. Regular expressions\n"
> -"are allowed.\n"
> -"Example: search for \"^FOO\"\n"
> +"Search for symbols (configuration variable names CONFIG_*) and display\n"
> +"their relations. Regular expressions are supported.\n"
> +"Example: Search for \"^FOO\".\n"
> "Result:\n"
> "-----------------------------------------------------------------\n"
> "Symbol: FOO [ = m]\n"
> @@ -229,26 +222,26 @@ search_help[] = N_(
> "Selects: LIBCRC32\n"
> "Selected by: BAR\n"
> "-----------------------------------------------------------------\n"
> -"o The line 'Prompt:' shows the text used in the menu structure for\n"
> -" this symbol\n"
> -"o The 'Defined at' line tell at what file / line number the symbol\n"
> -" is defined\n"
> -"o The 'Depends on:' line tell what symbols needs to be defined for\n"
> -" this symbol to be visible in the menu (selectable)\n"
> -"o The 'Location:' lines tell where in the menu structure this symbol\n"
> -" is located\n"
> -" A location followed by a [ = y] indicate that this is a selectable\n"
> -" menu item - and current value is displayed inside brackets.\n"
> -"o The 'Selects:' line tell what symbol will be automatically\n"
> -" selected if this symbol is selected (y or m)\n"
> -"o The 'Selected by' line tell what symbol has selected this symbol\n"
> +"o The line 'Prompt:' shows the menu text displayed for this symbol in\n"

... shows the [elided] text ...

Any reason for the re-indent with one more space?

> +" the menu hierarchy.\n"
> +"o The 'Defined at' line tells at what file / line number the symbol is\n"

... file & line ...

> +"o The 'Depends on:' line tells, what symbols need to be defined for\n"

... line lists symbols that need ...

I will push soon to my branch.

Thank you! :-)
Yann E. MORIN.

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