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SubjectRe: next-20130206 cpufreq - WARN in sysfs_add_one
On Wed, 06 Feb 2013 22:24:39 +0100, "Rafael J. Wysocki" said:
> On Wednesday, February 06, 2013 12:44:35 PM Valdis Kletnieks wrote:
> > Seen in dmesg. next-20130128 was OK. Haven't done a bisect, but can
> > do so if the offender isn't obvious...
> I suppose this is 73bf0fc "cpufreq: Don't remove sysfs link for policy->cpu".
> Can you test the linux-pm.git/pm-cpufreq branch alone, please, and see
> if that's this one (top-most commit)?

Color me mystified. I can't find that commit by either number or
the description:

[/usr/src/linux-next] git log | egrep -i 'cpufreq.*remove.*link'
[/usr/src/linux-next] git log | grep -i 73bf0fc

Was that a very recent commit that may have gotten pushed too late
for the next-20130206 merge?

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