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SubjectRe: [tpmdd-devel] TPM drivers' submission statuses
On Wed, Feb 06, 2013 at 09:46:18AM -0600, Kent Yoder wrote:
> Hi,
> Occasionally I get a note from someone who's been pointed to me as
> having the latest version of a driver that isn't upstream. The last
> submitted version of these drivers are usually sitting on the list,
> waiting on attention from their submitter. Hopefully I've added all the
> relevant folks on cc here, both submitters and reviewers.
> Here's the status of these drivers, from oldest to newest:
> Nuvoton i2c:
> Submitted to me off list. Review found issues. Needs resubmission
> to LKML. Last seen on the list:

> Atmel i2c:
> Submitted to tpmdd-devel for review. Waiting on a review from me.

FWIW, I have boards here with both of these chips and am very
interested in seeing support for these reach mainline.

I can look at and test the patches as well, if someone would send the
latest versions my way.


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