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SubjectRe: [Pv-drivers] [PATCH 0/6] VSOCK for Linux upstreaming
Hi Dave,

> >> Instead, what I remember doing was deferring to the feedback these
> >> folks received, stating that ideas that the virtio people had
> >> mentioned should be considered instead.
> >>
> >>
> >
> > I believe Andy replied to Anthony's AF_VMCHANNEL post and the
> > differences between the proposed solutions.
> I'd much rather see a hypervisor neutral solution than a hypervisor
> specific one which this certainly is.

We've addressed this with the latest patch series, which I sent earlier
today. vSockets now has support for pluggable transports, of which VMCI
happens to be the first; all transport code is separated out into its
own module. So the core is now hypervisor neutral. Given that, would
you be willing to re-consider it, please? If at all possible, we'd like
to make the current merge window.

Thanks so much!
- Andy

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