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SubjectRe: 3.8-rc regression with pps-ldisc due to 70ece7a731
Just a quick update: the previously posted patch *does* work;
the crash I was experiencing was pilot error.

My NTP server is running a 3.8.0-rc6-dirty kernel right now.

I'll research whether that race I talk about in pps_tty_dcd_change
is actually possible or not (can interrupts start arriving before the
->open() method returns?) and work out a finished minimal bugfix patch
if nobody else finds a better solution.

Sorry for the delay tracking this down; I've known about the crash
for a week or so now, but was short of around tuitts to track it down.

(Have I mentioned how ANNOYING it is when the kernel dumps more than
50 lines of crash message to the console screen and then locks
the keyboard so I can't scroll back?)

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