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SubjectFor the condition "file->f_mode", when it failed, it should return EACCES rather than EBADF.
Hi all,
When I wanted to do discard operations,but i set the openflag was O_RDONLY,it returned a EBADF rather than EACCES or EPERM.
I searched the code and found:
> uint64_t range[2];

> if (!(mode & FMODE_WRITE))
> return -EBADF;
Initial i thought there was error.But i searched all code of kernel and found some places like this.

The description of EBADF is "Bad file numbe". There are some places where returned EBADF like,
>if (!f.file)
> return -EBADF;

So i think for checking file->f_mode when failed, it should return EACCESS.

Jianpeng Ma

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