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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 01/10] ARM: davinci: move private EDMA API to arm/common

On 02-02-2013 22:07, Matt Porter wrote:

>>>>>>> Move mach-davinci/dma.c to common/edma.c so it can be used
>>>>>>> by OMAP (specifically AM33xx) as well.

>>>>>> I think this should rather go to drivers/dma/?

>>>>> No, this is the private EDMA API. It's the analogous thing to
>>>>> the private OMAP dma API that is in plat-omap/dma.c. The actual
>>>>> dmaengine driver is in drivers/dma/edma.c as a wrapper around
>>>>> this...same way OMAP DMA engine conversion is being done.

>>>> Keeps me wondering why we couldn't have the same with CPPI 4.1 when I proposed
>>>> that, instead of waiting indefinitely for TI to convert it to drivers/dma/
>>>> directly. We could have working MUSB DMA on OMAP-L1x/Sitara all this time... Sigh.

>>> That is a shame. Yeah, I've pointed out that I was doing this exactly
>>> the same way as was acceptable for the OMAP DMA conversion since it was
>>> in RFC. The reasons are sound since in both cases, we have many drivers
>>> to convert that need to continue using the private DMA APIs.

>> In case of CPPI 4.1, we'd only have to convert MUSB DMA driver. Other
>> in-tree CPPI 4.1 having SoCs don't use it for anything but MUSB -- it even is
>> sub-block of their MUSB device, AFAIK (I maybe wrong about Sitaras -- I don't
>> know them well).

> Well, it's pretty clear to me now that there's good reason for it not
> landing in arch/arm/ so the obvious path is to do the dmaengine
> conversion and put it in drivers/dma/ if it's really a generic dma engine.
> I'm not sure why you express concern over the dma engine api not fitting
> with CPPI 4.1?

It's not a DMA controller only, it's 3 distinct devices, with the DMA
controller being one among them and using another one, the queue manager, as
some sort of proxy. The third device doesn't exist on OMAP-L1x SoCs -- it's
the buffer manager.

> If it doesn't work, work with Vinod to fix the api. It's
> expected, I'm working on dmaengine API changes right now to deal with a
> limitation of EDMA that needs to be abstracted.

Sorry, now it's TI's task. I no longer have time to work on this (my
internal project to push OMAP-L1x support upstream has expired at Sep 2010)
and my future in MV is very uncertain at this moment. Most probably I'll leave
it (or be forced to leave).

> As pointed out, edma.c is already here in arch/arm/, so moving it doesn't
> add something new. It does let us regression test all platforms that use it
> (both Davinci and AM33xx) as I go through the conversion process.

Could have been the same with CPPI 4.1 in theory if it was added to
mach-davinci/ back in 2009... we'd then only have to move it. EDMA code is
much older of course, so it's probably more justified.

> -Matt

WBR, Sergei

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