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SubjectRe: [v3.8 Regression] watchdog: sp5100_tco: Add SB8x0 chipset support
Hi Joseph,

Thanks a lot for your help.

>The bug report tested a kernel with the patches. However, he reports the kernel panic still occurs[0].

I understood. I guess this problem conflicts with the watchdog MMIO
address (*) written in SB700 chipset and other resource. So, I made a
patch which gets rid of the code considered to cause the problem. If
this patch is applied, although the SP5100 and SB7x0 chipsets can't
use watchdog function any longer, I'm sure attached patch resolve the
problem. The SB800 or later chipsets can be used as before.
(*)This address is obtained from allocate_resource() function.

I'm sorry to trouble you, but Would you confirm whether attached patch
solves a problem?
If there is no problem in this patch, I will submit this patch to a
linux-watchdog community.

> I've requested a digital image or screen capture of the panic. Is
> there any additional debug information you thing would be helpful?

I'm interested in the I/O resource of PC in which the problem has
occurred, So, I want the result of 'cat /proc/iomem'. When 'cat
/proc/iomem' is performed, I don't care about whether sp5100_tco
driver is loaded.

Thanks in advance.
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