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SubjectRe: [Bisected] 3.7-rc1 can't resume
T43 is quite old... which might have exposed unique bugs.  How reliable is the failure?  Even one misidentified commit results in git bisect giving garbage.

Jonas Heinrich <> wrote:

>since kernel version 3.7-rc1 I can't resume my notebook (Thinkpad T43)
>from suspend2ram anymore.
>I started a kernel bisection (see bisection_log in attachement). Also
>see kernel conifg @ attachement.
>The culprit commit seems to be:
>- x86, smap: Do not abuse the [f][x]rstor_checking() functions for user
>commit e139e95590dfebab81841bf7a3ac46500f51a47c
>Unfortunately, just reverting the commit did not resolved the issue.
>Maybe I did something wrong, I'm not so familiar with this kind of
>kernel bisection.
>Best regards,
>ps. I'm not yet subscribed to the mailing list so I hope you'll recieve
>this message.

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