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    SubjectRe: Debugging Thinkpad T430s occasional suspend failure.
    The syscall generation *should* make files with different names only, but I'll look.

    Linus Torvalds <> wrote:

    >On Sat, Feb 16, 2013 at 11:25 AM, Paul E. McKenney
    ><> wrote:
    >> Sorry for the delay in testing this, but there was a need to upgrade
    >> my laptop, and bozo here figured "why not go to 64 bits while I am at
    >> it?" -- and then proceeded to learn the hard way that it is necessary
    >> to do "make mrproper" before doing a build in 64-bit mode. :-/
    >Hmm. Our object file dependency check includes checking that the
    >compiler options are the same, but that's only true for normal C
    >files. Some of the other rules do *not* test the full range of config
    >options, so in general, if you change architecture etc models, you do
    >indeed want to make sure that you do a "make distclean" (aka "make
    >mrproper") or something like "git clean -dqfx".
    >For a number of other files, we just depend on the normal make
    >timestamp logic, which means that "if the object file is newer than
    >the sources", we'll trust it. Which obviously doesn't work for cases
    >where the object file may have been generated under totally different
    >architecture rules..
    >(That said, what kind of old environment did you do this in?
    >stub32_sigaltstack was removed during the merge window, so I'm
    >assuming you applied my patch on top of plain 3.7 or something?)
    >> The kernel build system's way of telling you this at the moment is:
    >> arch/x86/built-in.o:(.rodata+0x4990): undefined reference to
    >Adding Peter Anvin to the people, just in case he sees what's wrong
    >with the system call stub generation that keeps excessively old object
    >files around. If it's easy to fix, it might be worth trying to make it
    >ok to switch from i386 to x86-64 and back in the same tree.
    >Peter? Not a big deal, but if you see something obvious, let's just
    >try to fix it, ok?
    >> Anyway, with this patch, I see CPU stall warnings when running
    >> as shown below. This is not a hard failure:
    >Yeah, there's something wrong with the patch, I didn't bother trying
    >to figure it out for now. It also causes a hard failure with lockdep
    >(or lock proving/debugging, I'm not sure which one triggered it) - and
    >it happens too early to even see anything on the screen.
    >So I'd like to make that "downgrade from hardirq to softirq" atomic,
    >and I think it would clean up the crazy code too (currently it does a
    >*lot* of back-and-forth on the preempt flags), but I clearly missed
    >some case where we used a wrapper or two to add some tracepoint or a
    >RCU scheduling point. And I'm not going to worry about it right now,
    >since I'm preparing to make v3.8 soon.
    >But if somebody spots the bug, holler.
    > Linus

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