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Subject[PATCH v2 00/16] wl1251 patches from linux-n900 tree
Hello, I'm sending wl1251 patches from linux-n900 tree [1] for comments. More
patches come from David's monitor & packet injection work. Patches are tested
with 3.12 rc5 kernel on Nokia N900.

Second version contains new patch for fixing NULL pointer dereference which
sometimes cause kernel panic and fixes code suggested by Pavel Machek.

[1] -

David Gnedt (12):
wl1251: fix scan behaviour while not associated
wl1251: add sysfs interface for bluetooth coexistence mode
wl1251: retry power save entry
wl1251: implement hardware ARP filtering
wl1251: split RX and TX data path initialisation
wl1251: configure hardware en-/decryption for monitor mode
wl1251: implement multicast address filtering
wl1251: disable power saving in monitor mode
wl1251: fix channel switching in monitor mode
wl1251: enable tx path in monitor mode if necessary for packet
wl1251: disable retry and ACK policy for injected packets
wl1251: enforce changed hw encryption support on monitor state change

Pali Rohár (4):
wl1251: add nvs file name to module firmware list
wl1251: Add sysfs file tx_mgmt_frm_rate for setting rate
wl1251: Add sysfs file address for setting permanent mac address
wl1251: fix NULL pointer dereference

drivers/net/wireless/ti/wl1251/acx.c | 92 +++++-
drivers/net/wireless/ti/wl1251/acx.h | 34 ++-
drivers/net/wireless/ti/wl1251/boot.c | 3 +-
drivers/net/wireless/ti/wl1251/cmd.c | 59 +++-
drivers/net/wireless/ti/wl1251/cmd.h | 8 +-
drivers/net/wireless/ti/wl1251/event.c | 46 ++-
drivers/net/wireless/ti/wl1251/event.h | 7 +
drivers/net/wireless/ti/wl1251/init.c | 19 +-
drivers/net/wireless/ti/wl1251/main.c | 462 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
drivers/net/wireless/ti/wl1251/rx.c | 2 +-
drivers/net/wireless/ti/wl1251/tx.c | 35 ++-
drivers/net/wireless/ti/wl1251/wl1251.h | 14 +
12 files changed, 720 insertions(+), 61 deletions(-)


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