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SubjectRe: fs: proc: lockdep spew and questions
On 12/08/2013 05:10 PM, Al Viro wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 08, 2013 at 03:57:53PM -0500, Sasha Levin wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I've been looking at permissions in procfs, and noticed that
>> directories are usually added with execute permission.
>> As far as I know, there's nothing executable by default inside
>> procfs, and on top of that, many of the files there don't deal well
>> with being executed so it's easy to cause lockdep spews (one below).
>> Is there a reason execute bit is set for directories?
> Take any introductory textbook on Unix and read the chapter on permissions.
> Or say chmod a-x ~, if you prefer education by self-LART...

Uh, forgot about that.

So how would you suggest to deal with the execution issue in procfs?


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