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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] dell-laptop: add parameter to disable the backlight device.

    On Sun, 12/8/13, Levente Kurusa <> wrote:

    > Subject: Re: [PATCH] dell-laptop: add parameter to disable the backlight device.
    > To: "Alex Davis" <>, "" <>, >"linux->" <>
    > Date: Sunday, December 8, 2013, 9:06 AM

    >>2013-12-08 14:40, Alex Davis:
    >> I have a Dell Inspiron N7010 Laptop with Intel
    graphics. When the dell-laptop module is loaded,
    >> two backlight device devices are created;
    dell_backlight, and intel_backlight from the Intel
    >> graphics driver. The dell_backlight device is
    non-functional, but the graphics subsystem uses
    >> it instead of the functioning intel_backlight device.
    The result is that, when running KDE,
    >> screen brightness cannot be controlled. I've added a
    module parameter, disable_backlight
    >> which, when true, will disable the dell_backlight
    device, and leave only the intel_backlight:
    >> with this, screen brightness can be controlled.

    > Hi,

    >I think it would be better if we could figure out why the
    >dell_blacklight device is not working rather than disabling

    > Regarding your patch, it creates a memory leak as you:
    > * allocate a platform device
    > * you add it
    > * you allocated a page for SMI
    > Your if(disable_blacklight) code should go
    > where it checks the DMI.
    > -- Regards,
    > Levente Kurusa


    You are correct. The existing code also has a memory leak. I will submit a patch for that.

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