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SubjectRe: [PATCH V4] cpufreq: suspend governors on system suspend/hibernate
Viresh Kumar <> writes:

> On 29 November 2013 01:59, Rafael J. Wysocki <> wrote:
>> So I'm reading this as "the version of the patch in bleeding-edge is OK".
>> I hope that really is the case. :-)
> Yeah, that's correct.

Sorry to be making noise here again, but I was eager to verify that the
fixes in v3.13-rc3 were OK on my system. Unfortunately it seems this
patch completely broke suspend for me. Hibernete ended up with a blank
console and no visible activity, without ever writing any image to disk.

There really weren't that many suspects between v3.13-rc2 and v3.13-rc3,
so I went directly to reverting 5a87182aa21d ("cpufreq: suspend
governors on system suspend/hibernate") which fixed the problem. I
didn't bother debugging it further from there. I don't think there is
anything magic about my system which should make this problem specific
to it.

I am still using the acpi-cpufreq driver on an old x86_64 laptop if that

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