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SubjectRe: [RFC part1 PATCH 1/7] ACPI: Make ACPI core running without PCI on ARM64
On Wednesday 04 December 2013, Hanjun Guo wrote:
> On 2013年12月04日 00:41, Matthew Garrett wrote:
> > Given the number of #ifdefs you're adding, wouldn't it make more sense
> > to just add stub functions to include/linux/pci.h?
> Thanks for the suggestion :)
> I can add stub functions in include/linux/pci.h for raw_pci_read()/
> raw_pci_write(), then can remove #ifdefs for acpi_os_read/write_pci_configuration().

Actually I wonder about the usefulness of this patch in either form: Since ACPI
on ARM64 is only for servers, I would very much expect them to always come with
PCI, either physical host bridges with attached devices, or logical PCI functions
used to describe the on-SoC I/O devices. Even in case of virtual machines, you'd
normally use PCI as the method to communicate data about the virtio channels.

Can you name a realistic use-case where you'd want ACPI but not PCI?

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