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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 00/15] uprobes: Add uprobes support for ARM

As I just noted in a previous email the kprobes.h thing has come back to
haunt me. Something more is needed in my last patchset. Tixy's
suggestion regarding the arch_specific_insn structure:

> However, I also wonder if we should instead leave arch_specific_insn as
> a kprobes specific structure and on ARM define it in terms of a new more
> generic 'struct probe_insn'? The drawback with that is that we'd
> probably end up with a struct just containing a single member which
> seems a bit redundant:
> struct arch_specific_insn {
> struct probe_insn pinsn;
> };
> Thought's anyone? me thinking. When I do as he suggests and create a new
arch-specific structure for sharing between kprobes and uprobes then it
turns out simply #define'ing the arch_specific_insn structure tag to the
new structure tag in arch/arm/include/kprobes.h makes everything happy.
When KPROBES is not configured that include file is (still) not
included and the generic kprobes.h include file still continues to make
a dummy structure for it. My question is: Is it too hacky to use a
#define for a structure tag this way?


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