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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 00/15] uprobes: Add uprobes support for ARM
On 12/04/13 12:51, Taras Kondratiuk wrote:
> On 11/27/2013 04:53 AM, David Long wrote:
>> From: "David A. Long" <>
>> This patch series adds basic uprobes support to ARM. It is based on patches
>> developed earlier by Rabin Vincent. That approach of adding hooks into
>> the kprobes instruction parsing code was not well received. This approach
>> separates the ARM instruction parsing code in kprobes out into a separate set
>> of functions which can be used by both kprobes and uprobes. Both kprobes and
>> uprobes then provide their own semantic action tables to process the results of
>> the parsing.
>> The following are noteworthy changes made for v3:
>> 1) The ARM uprobes functionality no longer depends on kprobes. As
>> a side effect of this there are no longer any changes to the common
>> kprobes include file (or any other common kprobes files).
>> 2) A couple large patches have been broken down into more smaller
>> patches.
>> 3) A problem with uretprobes has been fixed.
>> 4) The kprobes-test module has been made more useable for thumb tests.
>> 5) The argument list to the "action" functions has been shrunk.
>> 6) Alignment with a few recent patches that were made to common
>> uprobes code specifically to support this patchset.
>> This patchset is based on v3.13-rc1
> Hi Dave
> I've tested this series in big-endian mode.
> There is an issue within __create_xol_area() function.
> It writes UPROBE_SWBP_INSN directly to memory, but UPROBE_SWBP_INSN
> stores canonical opcode, which leads to a wrong instruction endianness
> if CPU runs in BE.
> I think the easies way to fix it without touching generic uprobes code
> is to store opcode in native endianness in UPROBE_SWBP_INSN, and use
> another macro for canonical form in ARM specific code.
> Please check a diff below. With this diff plus addressed comment for
> patch 14/15 plus fixed Ben's BE kprobes series I have uprobes working
> on LE and BE.

Thanks Taras. I am preparing a v4 addressing these issues and also
addressing the issue that, after duplicating your earlier observations,
my claim in "1)" above has proven to be incorrect.


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